static/popping even when not playing

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      Hi I’m new here but also new to B&O products. I have just bought myself a Beogram 1700 which played perfectly at first but after only a couple of days it has developed this problem.

      I get a popping and static noise even with the tone arm lifted. It seems to happen when the turntable moves in its suspension. Only the stillest environment will be free of the noise. Even the tone arm lifting and returning will cause enough movement to hear some popping noise.

      Sadly I did have it shipped to me and the sender did not take very good shipping precautions. The transit screws were not engaged and the metal platter was still in place. He did “try” to tape the tonearm down but the cartridge was left in and unprotected.

      I’m not sure this one is going to be a DIY fix but I would appreciate any suggestions,


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        Check the muting switch.


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          In addition to the muting switch, you may have a DC offset issue with your phono section. Is the piping only in one channel or both?

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            Thanks for your replies, it is much apprecitated.

            The popping is in both channels. It is only since getting this turntable that I am for the first time using the phono input on my amp, so it wouldn’t entirely surprise me if the problem lies there either.

            I just assumed that it was the turntable because the noise is directly corrolating to physical movement around the turntable.

            I also beleive the same noise is happening while a record is playing. – would this make it less likely to be the muting switch?

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              What do you mean by “physical movement around the turntable”?

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                If i lift the lid of turntable, it will do it. If someone walks past, it will do it. (I have wooden floors). Any sort of movement will set it off. It then takes a while to settle and stop as the suspension becomes still again.

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                  Hi Hemiceni,

                  A rather crude way to try and suss out the problem would be to gently try to replicate the static/popping noise yourself. Very gently touch the tone arm, the platter, the cable connecting the deck to your amp, the connection points at both deck and amp ends, etc.
                  If you can recreate the interference in a controlled manner you’ll be closer to understanding what the problem might be, but you may also be able to rule out what is not.

                  Do check that the surface the deck is sat on is level and all the Beogram’s rubber feet are intact and protecting the deck from ‘flat surface to flat surface’ contact.



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                    Sounds really sensitive problem. Maybe some grounding issue in cables, platter adjustment. I would check mechanically first, like Pepps above mentioned. Is the amp same series as the 1700 i.e. compatible. If it is generating static electricity when platter moves, maybe try to put your hand on metal part of player…any effect. You create discharge route with your body. But first I would open it up and check any physical issues.

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