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      Hi all,

      Can anybody tell me what the state is of this MMC4 needle? I’ve tried to capture it best I can. If other photos are needed, let me know.



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        This is a very tricky question to answer. The stylus tip is clearly intact, but we can’t tell anything about the suspension or how it’ll sound in general use.
        If you’re wondering if it’s clean enough, well there aren’t any huge fluff or dust deposits visible so perhaps it’s ok. But again it’s not easy to tell anything further.

        You’ll have to bite the bullet and fit it to a Beogram to see how it plays. Perhaps not with your most valuable record.

        Forgive me for stating the obvious but there’s not much else to say.


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          Welcome to Beoworld!

          Nothing can be said from the pictures you display here. You really need a microscope, a good light source and some experience to do that. I use x20 magnification, more if I can’t decide. The worn surfaces are this tiny!

          Listen to a distinct lack of high treble. A dull MMC is a worn one.

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            Aside from playing a record, you have the alternative of sending the MMC4 away; some of the companies that refurbish B&O cartridges will also provide an examination report.   After a report, you can decide to refurbish or not.   Refurbishment can be to standard MMC4 or various upgrades of stylus and/or suspension. Both examination and refurbishment are chargeable, of course, but you need specialist tools to examine the stylus and also the suspension mechanism.   Have a scan through these forums for “MMC4”.

            That’s what I did – refurbishment of MMC4 to standard.  Well worth the cost (and wait).

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