Speakers factory tuning according to design options

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    Hi alls,

    Now I’ve smudge my Beolab 8000 with wood I wonder if it has an impact on sound.
    Honestly, I’m half deaf, listening various quality of MP3 over Airplay, and was never impressed with the 8000’s sound, so it won’t make a real difference IRL.

    But for the sake of theory, I’d like to know.
    When people reclothe their speakers, there is always somebody to warn about acoustic transparency and so on… that may affect the rendering of the speaker.

    So, when you order Beolabs 28 or 50 or even Level, that have options for grills (wood, diamonds, fabric…) are they specifically “tuned” for that option, or are the option designed to be “transparent” one as the other or whatever else?

    And if they are to the option, what happen if I order a speaker a change theJust curious grill after?

    Just curious.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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