Repairing vhs Avant 32

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      Hi everyone!

      I have recently adquired a B&O beovision Avant 32 with VHS system. I know it’s old but I love it, my problem is that the vhs’ s doesn’t respond. There is a videotape inside but it seems that it doesn’ t receive energy. I have tried controlling it with the remote but nothing. If anybody knows what can be hppening  I would appreciate it!

      Excuse my english and have a nice day!

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        On the top right there is a panel and behind that you can find buttons.

        Check if VCR would work from there. TV should also automatically detect if there is a tape inserted.

        VCR is quite easy to take out as a whole from the back side of TV if it need service.


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          I own a Avant 32 since new but one day I’ve messed with geometry settings and now the image is weird.

          So I’m here trying to get your help with just a photo of your geometry settings or just the values.

          I’ve been trying to find default geometry settings in Google but without luck.

          Hope you can help me.

          I’ve attached a picture what it looks like.

          Here’s how you can access to it:

          To access the “Service Menu” do the following:-

          Press MENU

          On the menu screen use up/down arrows to highlight SETUP then press GO

          Now press 0 0 then GO and you are in the service menu

          Choose Monitor

          Now Geometry Adjustment.


          If possible please post all the numbers here

          Sorry for bothering.

          Thanks in advance.

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