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      I recently purchased a set of Beolab 4000’s off ebay for parts as my black ones are beginning to get a bit flakey – but that might actually be the sonos connect they are connected to is a bit flakey.

      Anyway they arrived looking a bit worse for wear, but are mk II’s and in good operational condition.

      The cloth needs re-doing as they all do. I’m thinking of going a bit more herringbone or very tightly textured on that.

      The problem this post is actually about is the paint. Its pretty scratched up, and dinged in a few spots. How do I repaint it? I have an airbrush to use on my 3d prints, but have not done aluminum. If I remember correctly, aluminium doesn’t like to be painted.

      Any tips and tricks?

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        When I have painted aluminum I’ve used a self-etching primer. However, you obviously are going to need to remove the old paint first which may need to be sanded. Given the dings, that’s probably required along with a filler If you have a paint booth for your air sprayer that’s how I’d try. Nice DIY project if you take your time.

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          Or you may consider car covering vinyl…

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            The aluminum is eloxated. Very hard oxyd. Cannot be painted, no paint will stick on this oxyd. It will chip off easily…

            You have to grind it, better is sandblasting with glas, not sand or steel.

            As mentioned right before: you need a etch primer, then aluminum can be painted.

            On the etch primer you can use almost every car paint… 2K.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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