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      Hello all,

      In return for some help with his home system, a neighbor just gave me an old Beosystem 3300 (excluding the turntable, but including two CD3300 players) that a previous homeowner had abandoned and had been sitting unused since 2019 at least. The receiver seems to work perfectly. I haven’t tested the tape player yet. After some cleaning I have both CD players mainly working except for the following things:

      (1) The lid-opening drive in Player I closes very abruptly when I put in a new CD; it slams so hard that it bounces a bit. This isn’t normal, is it? Assuming not, what should I be looking at w/r to adjustment? I can’t find anything in the service manual.

      (2) The lid-opening gear on Player II has stripped teeth. Once I get a replacement, are there any teardowns anywhere where I can see how to replace it? It isn’t obvious to me from either inspecting it or from the manual.

      (3) Both players seem a little picky on playback. For example, I have a 2 CD set where Disk 2 plays fine on both players, Disk 1 throws an error on both players (but plays fine in our newer, front-load player). Looking through the window it seems to be a bit wobbly when it spins, but I would think that if the disk was defective it wouldn’t play on our other payers. Any advice on what to look for?

      One more (unrelated) question. I would like to add an aux input of some sort to the system. I assume I can do this with a DIN plug into the tape or CD input, but of course would prefer to do it in the unused turntable input. However, I believe this receiver has a phono preamp built in. Is there any way to switch that off so that the phono input can accept a line-level source?  Or maybe there’s some other doodad someone has made for these systems that handle it some other way?

      Thanks in advance for your advice.

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        Regarding your question with the phono input.

        This is possible but not easy.

        I have converted the phono input on a Beomaster 1900.

        To do this, I rebuilt the preamplifier circuit from the tape input on a small PCB and instead of the RIAA preamplifier circuit between the socket and source switch installed.

        Better said I have installed a 3.5mm stereo jack socket to the front and thus realized for my son a phone instead of a phono input.

        This should be possible with a Beomaster 3300 too.

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