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      Does anyone know what happened to the wooden fret and grill manufacturer Prestige Creators?  He had a huge presence on eBay. I’d ordered quite a bit of stuff from him, but now he seems to have disappeared. There’s one listing left from him on eBay. A beosound stage cover.  The products were great and a great way to make older stuff blend with the newer stuff. I moved recently, and I need to order some new wooden gills for my beolab 1s. If anyone has any leads to the prestige creators whereabouts or an alternative manufacturer, it would be greatly appreciated.

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        I got oak grilles for my 8000s, 6000s and 7.2 from him last year. Really impressed with the service and quality. I’ll be gutted if he’s gone out of business.

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          From what I understand, they have closed the business.

          Was mentioned on the podcast a few weeks ago.

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            Yes I just did a search and the companies house listing came up showing them as ‘in liquidation’. Such a pity.

            does anyone know of an alternative maker of aftermarket wooden grilles for vintage B&O?

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              Such a shame that yet another B&O related business goes under.  Here’s to B&O turning it all around and creating many complimentary businesses in the future which will thrive.

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                Yes there are some other company’s doing it, the one I know so far is The Cover Company or Also known as M&W Design from Germany. The website was


                they offer covers for almost all products 4000 6000 8000 Beolab 5 7 1 STAGE , BeoVision & so on…


                Not all products are in the shop , just contact them via mail or so and ask. I also know they did individual stuff, at a Frankfurt store they have white Acryl bl8000 covers specially made for the shop owner.
                I know that they kinda invented and found the wooden grills several years ago for aftermarket B&O stuff before prestige creators and other people crafted & came up with there covers types.


                with demand  it’s often depending sometimes you get you’re order a few days after purchase and sometimes it need 2-3-4 weeks but they always contact you if it takes longer then 2 weeks so that you know about. If there’s a B&O store next to you you can also ask them. I know for example two B&O dealers one in Frankfurt and one in Düsseldorf what have there products at the store.




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              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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