Physically SEEING new Bang & Olufsen products

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      Interested to see that now the dealer network has shrunk and you may not have a local dealer any more, how do you view your B&O products with a view to purchasing?

      Do you rely on reviews and mail-order directly from B&O, or are you happy to drive to hear or see your intended purchase?

      If it’s a case of ‘well, for postable  and lower value things I’ll take a chance’ and with a higher priced product you’ll take a day off work and go travel?

      If that’s the case – what’s your price ‘tipping point’ where you’d opt to go and see the product in person?

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        For me, I am familiar enough with the B&O product range to buy on-spec should I need.

        I had extensive listening of the BL90 before committing to purchase.

        I have purchased an Eclipse 65 Mk1 with a Dealer I have done plenty of business with – even though not the nearest Dealer to my home and had it delivered. (Self setup). I had seen the Eclipse model before purchasing remotely.

        I have also purchased smaller items (say an A6), from other Dealers across the country without hearing or seeing the product beforehand.

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          Quiet in here. What’s going on?

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            Given my closest dealer is a long day’s drive away, I doubt I will buy any more expensive B&O (>$5K).  Otherwise, I buy on-line and use the generous return policy.

            It used to bother me… buying something I might return, but I now justify that the returns must factor into B&O’s cost of doing business in the US.  Perhaps it’s cheaper for B&O to re-sell my returned item as “open box” vs. supporting a nearby retail store.  Then again, I’ve only returned 2 products since my local store closed – a gen 1 A1 as it could not reliably stereo pair with its sibling, and a Level as I preferred the BS1 I bought around the same time.

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              I dont think I appreciated to live in Denmark enough in this regard.

              I have dealers all around me, and some cities more than one.

              I often take the pleasure to visit many off the stores, if I am in the city. And there is a lot of really nice ones.

              I do however have one dealer I always buys from.

              I just bought a Used set of White Beolab 3 from him.

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                I do relay on viewing products in the flesh at a local dealer. Many’s the time I’ve looked at a picture of a new item and not been impressed, only to fall in love with it in the flesh!

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                  I have not been in a town or City with a B&O shop since before the whole Corona show.

                  A new one has opened in Dublin at the old location so if I get back in a few months I will call in and see who’s behind  it.

                  I must be a slow adapter as all my gear is from the last century 🙂

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                    I wouldn’t buy a B&O product that is new to me without seeing/hearing it in the flesh and depending on the product I would be willing to drive up to certain distance to be able to see it in the flesh.

                    Personally I have never been a fan of the “buy it testwise and send back/refund” if I don’t like it game for any type of product and until now I am lucky enough to have a shop within acceptable distance, some other ways to test it (for example if friends have it) or to find an alternative.
                    Even for products that I know (B&O and other brands) I try to avoid having them sent/shipped to me, but I know that it is not always possible. Now I could say “that is my way to reduce my carbon footprint”, but the truth is, I simply prefer to buy local than having to go to the post office multiple times to pick a parcel up and bring it back there if I want to send it back.



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