Penta Mk3 display dead and amplifier LED stays orange in standby

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      Aprox 6 months ago I bought a Beocenter 9500 and a set of Beolab Penta Mk3 (6631) active speakers. I have never experienced any issues with it, but the amplifier LED always have shown orange in one of the speakers once in standby (the other one shows red, which is fine). I have checked that an orange LED is due to its diagnostics has found some kind of issue with it, but as mentioned then I could never hear any issues nor was there anything else wrong.

      However, recently the display has stopped working – it is working fine periodically but random it seems, but mostly it seems dead, so I assume it could be related to the orange LED?

      The first weird behavior I noticed with the display (only one of the speakers) was that it started showing the text fine, but the display was actually frozen – it did not react when changing volume or source, but it did power off/on correctly. Then it became somehow more random where sometimes it worked fine, sometimes it froze but mostly it is just dead now.

      Does anyone have an idea what this issue could be, and what it takes to repair it? I can do my own repairs for Commodore computers, but Penta seems to be somehow more fragile in terms of its speakers mounting and front fabric, so I am not sure if this is something I can do myself?

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        Hi @Beauvais762

        I haven’t worked with Penta’s myself, but I remember reading about issues with them. There’s a lot of info on the forum. Especially in the ‘archived forum’. Though I am currently experiencing errors accessing the archived forum. Probably a temporary issue.

        One of the threads that might interesting is this one:

        I remember that some of the issues with the display can be solved by replacing a capacitor on the display PCB.

        Hope this helps a bit.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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