Ouverture glass doors repair…

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    Hi alls,

    I had that Beosound Ouverture that came free with the 8000’s.
    It was fully working and quite good looking but unfortunately had no doors.

    A friend of mine managed to get me a pair of doors but one of them was badly chipped:

    I found this solution to help a little. This is not as elegant as the real thing but its nicer than no glasses at all!


    This is a 2€ black anodized aluminium corner trim.

    Hope this helps.

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    Looks very good for a repair! 🙂

    It would also cover the defekt black pads, often broken and silver shiny…

    It is not 100% original, but 99% acceptable. I would like it … and much better than a 100$ for a single glass door.

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    That actually looks astoundingly good!

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    I have a pair of doors sitting in a drawer, excellent condition. More than happy to send to you for shipping cost.

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