Operating Beosound Stage, LG G2 55″, LG UBK90 DVD player via Beoremote One

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    I’ve just recently purchased the LG G255″ TV and I am planning to purchase the Beosound Stage and Beoremote One.

    I understand that I can use the Beoremote One to operate the TV and Stage as long as I connect the TV and Stage together both by HDMI and Ethernet.

    However I am looking to expand the system by connecting the LG UBK90 DVD player (a multi region version) which play my DVDs and my CDs.  The unit has two HDMI connections (one for the TV and the other which is audio only, so would connect to the Stage) and has an Ethernet connection.

    Would I be able to operate the media player via the Beoremote One if I connected the player’s HDMI and Ethernet to the Stage (basically copying the connections to the TV)?

    Thanks, Anand.


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    I can’t say for sure which is best – connecting to the tv or to the Stage?

    However, you only need one HDMI out of the DVD player.

    And you will only need to connect this to the ethernet, if the player has some kind of app interface, which you’d like to use……this probably is not the case, since you already have a lot of apps on the tv.

    Just use one HDMI out (the one labelled video/to tv) – I’d try to connect to the LG first.


    By the way – the LG UBK90 is not just a DVD player, but also plays Bluray disc……should you ever get hold of one.


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