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    Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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      Yes I also love my H9 (3rd gen), the sound and build quality are superb. The passive mode is great for everyday use with my PC, saving the battery for when I’m travelling or if I need the noise cancelling.

      A B&O classic!

      Kind regards, Steve

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        Earlier this year I was in search of a replacement pair of headphones for my Bose QCs which had been through several ear cups and had a black sock sewn into the crumbling headband. I was looking at B&Os offerings but in my search I came across some used headphones, one shop selling a used pair of H9s was right on my Sunday cycle run so I dropped by and bought them for like 50quid. All boxed, nice and clean, slight cracking on one ear cup. The reviews I’d read for the H9s were pretty mediocre with NC to comfort to controls to price being issues people had with these near 500quid from new phones.

        I ordered a new pair of ear cups and a battery from B&O and I’ve had them nearly 6 months now. I use them for partial commuting, at work, and have taken them on two long haul flights. They have been great. Reliable, no bt dropouts, decent battery life or at least enough for me. NC is pretty good even on this first gen H9, not Bose level but again does the job for me at work. The beauty of these is that I can connect them wired passively and have a spare battery giving them extra life.

        The materials are high quality, from the brushed metal, the lambs leather and the fabric inner headband which can be cleaned. Sure, the round ear cups where a misfire but my ears nestle fairly well into them with just the lobe pressing the leather.

        I know future iterations made improvements (or perhaps not reading the recent comments here.) but the 50 + 90 quid I spent in total has been well worth it. I might have different views had I paid full rrp from new but if you have an old pair lying around it could be worth it to give them a new lease of life.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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