New to me Beomaster 5000…Help please

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      Hi everyone

      After all of these years I FINALLY got a Beomaster set !

      There are some problems with the CD and cassette but

      I am confident that I can fix those mechanical issues.

      The turntable functions well.

      The thing I can’t figure out is how to get SOUND !

      I can’t figure out the Beomaster 5000.

      All I get is indication that an input source is plugged in…such as the turntable.

      No volume indication at all.

      Does something have to be reset ?

      I saw some units on youtube and when “volume up/down” is pressed the number is going up and down. I don’t even have a number showing !

      There is a Master Control Panel 5000 (large box remote thing) & Terminal 5000 (small remote).

      Are these somehow required to be used ?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Thank you


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        Good evening cavscout,

        The Beosystem 5000 is a complex system. I never did like t until I owned one and ended u loving it.

        Maybe your problem is related to a common fail of the system that is the ribbon cable between the keyboard and the system. It needs dismantling and work, but if you’re not afraid of fixing the CD50 or the BC5000 it’s nothing beyond usual abilities.

        The “Big” Remote is mandatory to program the system, which was a breakthrough feature in it’s time but not so useful nowadays. For everyday use the “little” remote is more useful (volume, source…). Nevertheless, when owning an BS 5000, the MCP5000 is a very impressing thing to have and very usefull too, even if you dn’t need to program any record.

        Search in the forum 2012-2022, you’ll get plenty if not all the information you need.

        All the best.

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          As Matador says, and get the manual and READ it, good luck

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            For some information about the development of the Beomaster 5000 and related documents have a look at:


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