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      Hi There


      I Understand the beosound 2 is being updated  I have the BS2 with GVA  would you buy it? in preference to the balance for example

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        I prefer the sound of a single BS2 to a single Balance.  However, I absolutely love my stereo paired Balances.  I have not heard a stereo pair of BS2s, but I was concerned that the side firing midrange drivers wound mess up the stereo.  I can’t really put to words why I have these preferences, but I hope this helps.

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          Your BS2 has GVA?  Gen.3 will not.  Balance still GVA-optional.

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            I have the MK1 BS2 and think it’s wonderful, though I’m not sure I can justify replacing it at the new price. It’s over a grand more than what I paid for mine!

            My MK1 BS1 though is sounding a bit rough these days and I would consider replacing it, so I hope that an updated version is in the pipeline.

            GVA was not something that appealed to me so I’m glad to see that function has been removed.  Who wants a house full of microphones anyway.

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