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      After I think 5 years I have decided to start up working on my stored B&O items, mostly BMs, BGs and Beovox. I was posting a lot on the 2 older forums and when the forums changed I lost the pics every time, so this time I will only post about what I am working on with a pic or 2 and show the end result and shortly tell what I did or come up asking for help when needed. First thing is setting up my workbench as we use this room also as a guestroom everything was packed away. I always used outdated laptops for calling up manuals and schematics but as I am retired now I dont use laptops anymore, so I went looking for something cheep to use instead and found a mini PC




      It does what I need it to do and more, I am impressed of this small and cheep PC PXL_20240529_235446348

      Here the whole set up with wireless keyboard/mouse and a 24″ monitor all in all USD 450.00 give or take.PXL_20240529_235204045

      Here the bench, and I am ready to go I will just have to decide with what. More to come

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        Hi Søren.

        I am really excited to that threat.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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