MX6000 won’t turn on

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      Hi everyone! Almost two months ago I received a Bang & Olufsen MX6000. The tv was shipped to me and unfortunately it arrived with the front glass panel broken but working. Now since it had some image problems I decided to recap the power supply board pcb 4. Alongside I also repaired some bad traces and cleaned the inside. I tought that all went well but in the hurry of assemblying all toghether I erroneously plugged the main input cable in p21. Hopefully I turned the power off quickly but the tv didn’t want to turn on anymore, the red led was on and if I pressed the power button it turned green for a split second and then went back to red. With the service manual in hand I followed the procedure to turn it on to see the las error code. It took several tries since the tv tried to start (sometimes I could hear degaussing and a little pop in the speaker before turnung itself off). Finally the tv turned on and I could enter in the service menu. The last error was 8C, so deflection controller. As soon as I read the error code my mx6000 turned itself off and now it won’t rurn on anymore; no led, no sound, no buzzing, no degaussing, nothing. Please can you help me? Thank you so much for your attention and sorry for the long story.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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