Moment or Core on BL18 +19

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    I have a living room with a BL19 and a pair of BL19 connected to a Beosond Moment.

    In my kitchen I have BL3 with a Beosund Essence. Living room nr.2 have a Beovision Contour. And last, in the ceiling in my bathroom there are a Beosound Core connecten to a BeoAmp and Celestial speakers.

    With all that said:

    – My Multiroom doesent work at all.

    – The speakers in my bathroom is never in use

    – I wonder if I should take the Core from the bathroom and replace the Moment

    Will this help my Multiroom to work? And what cabels do I need to connect BL18/19 to the Core?


    And is it a idea to use the Essence on the 18/19 and the Core on the 3s?

    The reason that I think about that is my old record player that needs a line in.

    Hope you have some good ideas on how this setup will be the best:)




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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