Masterlinking Beocenter AV5 and Beocenter 2

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      Dear members,

      I try to link a Beocenter 2 to a Beocenter AV5 via Masterlink. I have additional speakers connected to the Beocenter 2. What is the correct option setting for the Beocenter 2 and the Beocenter AV5? Normally it would be 1 each, but this results in both CD players turning on when pressing CD. Therefore, Beocenter AV5 in option 2 and Beocenter 2 in option 0 or option 5 seems right. However, using the AV button to transfer sound from one source to the other doesn’t work properly then. Any ideas how I can get that configuration to work properly, if any such configuration exists?



    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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