Looking for Beolab 8000 frets 3D .stl file

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    Charles Ng
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      Hi all!

      I’m a new member to the community. I recently purchased a pair of Beolab 8000 and I am loving it! I own a 3d printer so I thought I could take on a project and make my own wooden frets. I came across this previous, post somebody sharing the stl file of the wooden fret mount but for some reason I can only read the title without seeing the content in the post. Does anyone have the stl file and be so kind to help a brother out, sharing me the file please?

      Million thanks in advance.

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        Hi and welcome to Beoworld.

        The whole forum has been recently fully refurbished and some features are not back still, like the attachements. Thats why you can’t see the STL’s. Be patient and they will be soon available again.

        Please understand that I just can not send personnaly the file after each individual inquiries, I would spend my time sending e-mails.

        Be patient.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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