identify component for Beocenter 4000

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      Hi, I’m carefully resurrecting a Beocenter 4000. I have isolated a faulty component and am having much difficulty identifying it. I believe it is some sort of adjustable tank circuit resonator.

      It is on the outlet of the audio of the FM demultiplexer/decoder chip.

      The text on the side is ‘5214 48 JL’  it is identified in the tech manual as ‘LP200 8030041 19/38 khz’

      I’ve included photos of the component and the circuit diagram.

      If you can help, thank you so much.


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        It’s an MPX filter. It grounds remains of the stereo pilot.
        You can fit any good similar filter – or ask at Beoparts for a good used original part.


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          Thank you Martin, that’s the info I needed!

          I’ve found an equivalent component to buy.

          Now to find out why the signal strength meter is is not working…



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