How to repair an irreparable BeoPlay A6 – a repair guide

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Home Forums Product Discussion & Questions BeoPlay How to repair an irreparable BeoPlay A6 – a repair guide

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      I created a BeoWorld account just to share this incase someone has the same issue that I had with my BeoPlay A6’s.

      The issue being that the A6 will automatically lower the max volume on their own. B&O says this is an unfixable issue, but I worked out that it can be fixed and the repair is rather simple. So to hopefully save a couple more A6’s please view my repair guide linked below.

      The repair guide for BeoPlay A6

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        wow, really good info and excellent write-up!! Don’t have an A6 myself but hopefully many people will take advantage of this information when directed by Google and friends.

        After reading your repair guide the still unsolved dreaded “bricked blinking red LED A8” problem comes to mind…


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          Thank you Forrest.

          While I myself have never done a thermal paste renewal, it seems that all the old-gear Macintosh experts renew the paste on their computers after a bit over a handful of years.  It stands to reason that the same process should be done in any other systems that also employ thermal paste from the factory.

          Heat is the enemy of electronics, dramatically shortening lives that could be into the decades.  The A6 evidently self-protects against overheating.  One wonders if there are other, possibly older B&O systems that simply hara-kiri themselves in a heat daze.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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