How to move Beovision Avant 32

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      To play some games i bought an old BV Avant 32 (DVD verqion). I will get it next month and i was wondering how i need to setup my car to move it. I won’t be able to have it standing up as my car is small.








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        you need  a second person to move the 86 kg Monster Avant in your car.

        109 cm x 84 cm x 61 cm

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          Thanks !

          I won’t be alone (not that strong 🤣) but i was wondering if it needed to be face down/up or on the side.

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            That is not going to be an easy task.

            I’d lay it on the back with a lot of blankets/cushions to stabilize.

            Or rather…..I’d go looking for someone with a bigger car so that it could stand upright.


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