How to add B&O speakers to a non-B&O TV

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      If you are into B&O products and used to handle a remote from Bang & Olufsen, it can be strange suddenly to use any other remote like LG or Samsung.

      If you also have other B&O equipment in the house – one remote fra B&O is the right solution.

      We have made a solution to handle this – we call it Neo TV.

      We are a group of people who have all worked at B&O or developed products for B&O – so we love to play with B&O products.

      Neo TV combines a TV from LG, Samsung, Loewe, Sony or Philips to a pair of B&O speakers (with power link). The sound is transfer to the Beolab speakers via digital signals and the to power link.

      You can use your Beo4 or Remote One to control the TV and the sound

      Read more details here



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        Hello Rudi,

        with the delivery software the BM-7 adapter responded only to the Beo4 (with GO button). After updating to the latest software, it works with Beo4, Beo4-Navi and Remote One. However, my LG (G2) responds only to the TV and Stand-by button. All other buttons seem not to work. After a reset of BM-7 the same problem persists. Did I miss something?



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          Hello Rudi,

          Thanks for your advice by mail. After connecting the box with the toslink cable to the TV all buttons work fine. Now I can recommend you product!


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            Hi Rudy,

            I’m here using my “Moderator superpowers” but be certain I’ talking as an usual member.

            Your various announcements are interresting and welcome because they may be useful for the community and specially BV7 or Beolab owners.

            But if this enthusiast forum will be used as an advertising, marketing or aftersales support platform, please consider getting in touch with the forum runner and start some sort of partnership.

            It’s kind of “unbalanced” to use the large footprint of the forum to make business without “giving back” in return. As a businessman you should know those things have a cost.

            In the meantime, post like the three I’ve blocked will be systematically send to moderation for further examination.

            I hope you and the other forum members will understand this.



            Thanks matador,

            To give some balance to this post, many members will know that I have provided support to Beoworld for well over a decade, and I aim to continue this arrangement for many years to come.  My primary aim is to ensure that this valuable community resource remains available to all B&O fans and I also visit the forum regularly to offer help and advice to users with questions.

            My reason for explaining this is that Beoworld visitors will from time to time see that I mention my own business at which provides cables and solutions that allow B&O speakers to work with any brand of TV, as well as linking other speakers to B&O systems.  I only mention my business here as a result of my long term partnership with Beoworld, this is very much a two-way relationship where I aim to give back to this site and to the B&O community in exchange for making a living.

            As a supplier to Bang & Olufsen (my cables are included with their Beogram 4000c turntables), I need to ensure that both the quality of my products and the ethical approach of my business are of the highest possible standard.

            Any visitors who are new to the B&O world may also find my YouTube channel helpful, as I have been regularly producing B&O product reviews and advice videos for over ten years:-


            I am always happy to help with any connection questions and I am proud to continue to support Beoworld!

            Kind regards, Steve.

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              Hi Steve,

              That is the kind of partnership I was referring to. I should have mentioned it.

              Sorry and thank you for your continuous help and support.

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                Reading this, I would add my two cents.

                The OP is asking for help. The OP has a B&O related product which is not B&O but can help renovate older B&O products…which frankly is what is most of the patrons of this site do. If we were all into new gear, Im sure B&O would have a share price more like Apples SP.

                This site is great at hitting itself in the face. It is very difficult to “chat” with the right person (who are the moderators? who are the decision makers?) I dont know.

                I see the initial post as a reach-out and some people have tried to help. There has been some very short-sighted interactions here Im afraid and participants are more interested to over-control, rather than let the forum flow naturally. And frankly, since the new forum…this place is dead in terms of footfall. We need to be more open and dynamic so we can all enjoy more participation.

                Im sure that if the OP can up his business, and get the contacts they are enquiring about to help their business (and our older equipment more functional), they may well become “future donors” to Beoworld.


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