Help with Beogram 59XX resistor replacement

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    Hej everyone,

    My Beogram 5005 had started to behave a bit erratic (weird shut-off loops etc) so I decide to see if I can fix it. I open it up to find that on the Control Board the main capacitor (C2: 470uF/16V) had blown and a few resistors overheated, most likely causing damage to other components. Being that these parts are close to 40 years old and it would be fun to work on my soldering skills, I’ve decided to replace all the components and keep my old record player alive.

    I begin checking all the resistor bands to list what parts I need to purchase, but didn’t know what Power Rating the resistors needed to be. I checked the service manual, it only specifies Power Rating for 4 unique resistors to the Beogram 59XX and the rest are stated as “Standard Resistors”, categorised in resistor value tables matched to B&O part numbers, not the wiring diagram.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out the which Power Ratings for the resistors I need to purchase? Or maybe even better, are there complete component kits available?

    Thanks for any help,

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