Essence Remote on later systems?

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      Hi there

      Is it possible to use the Essence Remote together with later products like Harmony and BeoLab 28?

      I am aware that the Halo exists, yet it requires external power while wall mounted, which is a challenge for me… also I only require basic volume control…

      Can someone explain to me, if this is possible to get working, and what is required?

      I also plan on investing on the BeoLiving box so to controlling hue lights etc..


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        I use one with my stereo paired Level. It works absolutely flawless and just need track skip and volume control. Before I used an Halo but every now and then the Halo lost connection to the network and required multiple resets from both Halo and the Level before working again. Until other Halo firmware is released I gave up on that one.

        On the B&O site there is a list somewhere with supported products, that list is quit long. It even works on older products in IR mode. And I have tested with Beoplay A8 and that worked really well to!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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