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      4 months ago I bought an eclipse MK2 from my dealer and was informed that this model will accept future panels fromLG,  I did not buy the original MK1 just for reason it was built with one panel in mind

      Fast forward a few months it looks like we have eclipse 3, with the G2 panel- does this mean that the future upgradeability i was promised lasted for 6 months only??

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        Guessing yes – there was after all a reason that the Eclipse was modified to a v3.

        At the same time, the Eclipse is very close to being discontinued.


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          It very much depends on the future design on the OLED from LG,

          So maybe, maybe not. B&O have no control over LG, so it is wrong to promise anything with the Eclipse.

          The Theatre is a whole other approach, but it is not as integrated as the Eclipse. There is plusses and minus with every solution.

          I would not think much about it, imo there is nothing new to want in the next couple of years thinking about panels.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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