Eclipse/Harmony Sport sound preset

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    Eclipse/Harmony owners,

    Please may you help a former Eclipse owner, now a Theatre owner to post the specific settings for the Sport sound preset.

    This preset was a default option with the Eclipse/Harmony but not for the Theatre and Stage.  I am looking to recreate and save as a user created sound mode.

    I did feel this was a great preset for Football and F1, and with the World Cup, felt I wanted to hear more of the stands and the echo of the stadium.

    I am after the specific numbers/option selected e.g. ‘yes/no’, ‘medium’, ‘5’ etc. for:

    – frequency tilt

    – sound enhancement

    – speech enhancement

    – bass management

    – compression

    – surround

    – height

    – stage width

    – envelopment

    So I may copy these.  Thank you in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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