Duplicate albums on BeoSound 5

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      I have just restored my Beosound 5 (Beosound & Beomaster 5) from scratch and have transfered all my music to the system via BeoConnect.

      I now see several albums duplicate on BS 5 inventory when browsing BS 5 Albums, does anyone know how to correct that issue?

      Or is there a way to clear all music on BS 5 and redo the import?


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        There’s two ways to do this depending on what level of complexity you are OK with.

        im doing this from memory, so I may have some menu items wrong – but I can fix that later if you get stuck.

        in both cases:

        get a USB keyboard and mouse to connect to Beomaster 5. Put the beosound 5 into service mode (move the cursor to Maintenance( I can’t remember exactly the option) then press ><><GO on the beosound 5. Move the wheel to service mode. And then Go. Then you have a windows screen up (on the beosound 5) which you can control with the mouse and keyboard.

        Open the Drive E: (it’s the data drive) and choose the BM-SHARE folder then go into Music.

        now option 1, you can delete the folders you don’t want here using the mouse and keyboard or option 2 you could set up drive E as a network share (if it isn’t already) and use your computer to mount the drive E: on your own computer and manage the folders from that.

        exit by clicking on the exit service mode icon.

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            The way I used to do it (not had a BS5 in my system for 4-5 years now) was to make the BM5 part of your PC Home Network. I think this is similar to Millelissens method above.

            Once done, I did extensive cleaning on Windows Media Player. I had a number of duplicate track names – particularly on compilation albums and EPs etc…

            The format I standardised on was based around naming all my music under an extended Album name:-

            Music >>> “Artist” Folder >>> “Artist – Album 1″…”Artist – Album 2” >>> then Track level.



            I then went through an agonising eternity to ensure each and all tracks in my entire portfolio were correctly “aligned” in terms of Tag Naming and Album Art. This, when completed made the BS5 a very slick and fast way of accessing Albums, whether by Art, Artist, Album etc…..

            Hope that Helps




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