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      I have a mix of ML and NL in my home.  Mostly NL now (Balance, Essence Mk2, BS1, BS2, Eclipse) with an “island” of ML (BS9000, BS5 and BL3500).  I have a turntable connected to my Balances that I’d like to listen to on my ML devices.  I have the non-GVA Balances so, right now, they can distribute the TT audio to other NL sources.

      I was going down the path of buying a 2nd hand Core or Essence Mk2 and connecting it to the Aux-in of the BS9000.  However, my BS9000 broke, and it’s difficult to get it repaired in the US (closest dealer is >300 miles away).  I’ve switch my BS5 over to be the audio master for the time being.  I don’t want to mess with the Aux-in on the BS5 and was reminded of the BLC.

      From an installation perspective, I can easily plug my turntable into either the Balance or the BLC.  I also have the ML cable in place for a BLC as I used to own one, but it was taken out by a lightning strike.  I decided not to repair it because I wasn’t really using it at the time.  This was back when I had a local repair guy.

      Long preamble, now to the questions:

      • If I go with the BLC, what will I miss over an Essence/Core?  Off the top of my head, I will not have Spotify available at the BS5/9000, nor Airplay or Chromecast except via a NL source.  Will Deezer distribute from a NL device to ML via the BLC?
      • If I go with the Core/Essence, what will I miss over the BLC?  Again, off the top of my head, I’ll lose a fully hard-wired connection between the TT and the ML network.  I will also not be able to listen to CDs or Radio (once the BS9000 is fixed) or N.Music on my NL devices.  However, I will gain Spotify, Airplay and Chromecast on ML, but I will have to fix my BS9000 (or mess with the BS5 aux-in kludge).
      • Is there a delay when playing ML audio sources on NL devices?  I recall there is a delay with the line-in on the BLC if you choose to distribute it.
      • Can anyone think of any other reasons why one solution would work better than the other?

      Thanks in advance.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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