Connect Beogram 4400 to a CD Player

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      Hi everyone,

      I have a Beomaster 4400 and a Beogram 1700 that I’ve inherited, that are working perfectly. I linked a Chromocast audi using a Sounds Heavenly cable, and I’m very happy with the system.

      However, I miss to listen my CDs. I wandt to buy a vintage Beogram CD player but not sure which model will be able to connect to the Beomaster 4400.

      Any advice?

      Thank you.


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        As far as I remember the BM4400 has 5-pin input connections (one for Phono and two for Tape).

        Basicly you can use any CD player – in some cases you’ll have to use an adapter (R/L to DIN).

        If you want vintage B&O….go for a CDX/CDX2 – which one is better the vintage specialist here may tell you.

        There you have options for controlling directly on the device.


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          Thank you so much!!



          Hi Patricia,

          Welcome to BeoWorld!  Glad to hear that the cable I sent for the Beogram is working well.

          You just need this cable to link any non-B&O CD player to the Tape input of the Beomaster as MM mentioned, this is the cable you need:-

          Any questions, please ask!

          Kind regards, Steve.

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            Thank you once again Steve!

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