Can I block WISA connections to my beolab 18’s?

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Home Forums Product Discussion & Questions BeoLab Can I block WISA connections to my beolab 18’s?

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      I don’t think so.  But try resetting your 18s in the middle of the night when the TV is known to be off.  And then don’t unplug them, forever thereafter.  The “full reset” instructions in your manual are:

      RESET: Press and hold the button for two seconds to reset the wireless setting of a wireless speaker. The status indicator is solid red for 10 seconds, then it flashes green quickly. The speaker is now in associate mode and ready to be connected to the wireless transmitter. If you press and hold the button for 10 seconds the speaker is reset to factory settings.

      Hopefully the factory settings will trigger the green-fast-flash on startup, which will then time out because nobody is around to finish the pairing?  But if not and they “conveniently” re-pair with the transmitter which has memorized them and always on the lookout for “lost” connections — not an impossible mistake for a firmware author,  given how bad radio interference is known to be — well, perhaps you can approach your neighbor with beer (or boxing gloves) to turn off or reset their transmitter?

      DETAILS: WiSA pairing requires both ends to take some positive action.  Usually this happens by powering up the speakers and the WiSA transmitter “at the same time,” because they all default into pairable mode for some period.  I.e. the TV couldn’t have paired with your speakers unless the 18s were in LED-flashing-green-fast mode, AND then the TV/transmitter also was powered up or some button (or app click) was done to it.  Maybe that’s not true for some “aggressive” transmitter brand that just gloms onto any-old-thing in range?  But that would be very odd.  So if full reset doesn’t work, then I’m curious to know what the transmitter is: B&O TV, Transmitter1, or a WISA SoundSend, Axiim Link, or…?  Not that you owe me, but the answer to this question is just saving you time because it’s probably the first thing you’ll be asked by your dealer or B&O “tech support”.  Re-connecting automatically is the done thing, but re-pairing automatically must be banned by the spec.  One hopes!  The obvious exception is if both you and your neighbor are using a hard power switch to turn off your speakers/TV/transmitter, rather than leaving them plugged in all the time and allowing them to do their own low-power sleep.  If that’s the case, you might just be getting unlucky power-up timing!  Yes, electricity is getting more expensive, but the standby “vampire” power really isn’t so much to pay vs. this inconvenience…

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        Have you tried to ask your neighbour WHY he uses your speakers?

        Maybe he does not know how not to do it?

        Anyway, how does he benefit from using your speakers ?


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          Are you sure..??

          if you use powerlink the switch on bl18 is set on either L or R and then wisa is disabled

          so a correct explanation of your setup would

          be nice..

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            He’s just an A@#hole. First move was to connect to the core (I didn’t realise this defaults to allowing all bluetooth connections, I don’t use bluetooth, sorted that out today) and blast music at 1:30AM. After I disconnected the core, music started coming out of the speakers again, though not as loud. I assumed this meant he connected them to a WISA TV. They are connected via powerlink, and are set as left and right, though I haven’t found any documentation that states this disables WISA. He wouldn’t have been able to connect any other way, as I unplugged the core and that’s the only thing connected to them.

            We aren’t in the same building, but have a common wall. I know who it is, as his phone connected via bluetooth as [NAME’s] Phone.

            I tried to talk to him, but he didn’t answer the door today. I might find it funny if I didn’t have small children who were terrified.

            I’ll try talk to him tomorrow, let me know if you have any ideas, and thanks as always!

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              I have a neighbour who shares a wall with me and he has been connecting his TV to my speakers. I don’t need WISA, as I have a wired setup, is there a way to switch this off?

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