Can BS-Theater be used to remedy the delay issue among speakers?

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    Since BS-Theater can be used with any B&O speaker in a setting (one room). I assume that it solves any potential delay issues between the newer Beosound speakers and hte older Beolab speakers and TV-sources.

    M yquestion is will BS-Theater be able to solve this problem if you have the speakers in different rooms?

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    Sorry, but I have to ask……Why you would want to do that?

    I dont understand the application nor the need?

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    The theatre will not ensure multi-room speakers stay in sync with TV sources.

    That capability ended with the Eclipse / Harmony generation of TVs – so yes, other multi room speakers could join the audio from video sources playing on a BV Eclipse (for ex), but the joined speaker would be out of sync.   The previous generation (BS4 platform of BV’s) did allow the audio sync to be managed, but as I say, that capability has gone. And I dont believe it has returned with the Theatre.

    As / If the Theatre gains the ability in the future (as seems likely) for Mozart enabled B&O speakers to be used as part of a theatre based setup, it would seem logical perhaps then that the syncing issues may get sorted out. But until then, assume no.,

    not sure if that is exactly the question / scenario you are asking about though – so perhaps it might be worth clarifying from your side?

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