BS9000 Sledge Position cannot be calibrated

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      I have a strange problem with the positioning of the CD-sledge of my Beosound 9000. Normally it is hanging vertical on the wall and the two arrows are properly aligned upwards, as shown in the owners manual. The sledge moves to the selected CD, but not exactly and thus cannot be clamped in the proper position. You can hear the clamping mechanism of the sledge clicking several times per second, but the sledge is not locked. The motor rotates the white geared-wheel driving  the rocker arm back and forth at high speed. If then the CD-clamper-arm is manually pushed into the proper position, the sledge is clamped and the CD starts normally. I just read the BS9000-thread “Beosound 9000 sledge touches the back of the CDs – The solution – Beoworld”. In this case the cause of the problem was a worn damper 46 (rubber sleeve) of the rocker Arm 9134 (see sledge drawing  4.5 in the service manual of BS9000). Looking at the attached photograph of my sledge, it seems that the damper is completely gone. I had tried to carry out Test Modes 71 and 73 while the BS9000 was laying horizontally on a table. However this was only possible when I pushed sideways against the clamper-arm so that it found the desired position of the selected CD. I will now replace the damper 46 of the sledge Rocker arm using a plastic tube or a shrinking tube and hope this helps. Any idea, what I could do next?

      Besides, any information is greatly appreciated on how the height adjustment of the clamper-arm with the two worm screws M3x4 is correctly done. Unfortunately I had misaligned these two screws recently. The BS9000 Service manual says in chapter 5.2: “adjust the clamper until it is parallel with the top plate”. This is very unclear! The “top plate” is probably the big aluminum plate (part 9006 in 4.2) , however what surface of the clamper (part 9116 in 4.5) should it be parallel to? The upper surface, or the bottom surface of the clamper-arm and how should this be measured? This alignment is pretty critical, as it affects the distance of the CD and laser as it tilts the clamper-arm. If it is too large the CD cannot be read. If it is too small the clamper will hit the CDs as it moves. It would be great to know a correct distance (i.e. 2mm?) between the bottom surface of the clamper and the top surface aluminum plate. This distance could perhaps be checked by means of a feeler-gauge. The inclination could perhaps be checked with a spirit-level. Maybe you know better ways to do this alignment.

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