BS9000 in NL setup

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      I would like to integrate my BS9000 in my NL setup. 1 Moment/3 BS core/ 2 Essence mk2

      it’s currently connected to a BS Core. SPDIF to optical.

      Core does not auto detect optical audio, so I have to activate the Core and select the input on startup.

      I’m considering getting an ML/NL Converter. How would this unit be connected, and will it show up in the B&O app as a multiroom device?

      thank you, Ulrik


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        Hello Ulrik,

        I have a BS 9000 integrated via BLC NL / ML. The physical connection works like this:

        ML BS out to ML BLC in (in my case it’s the classic ML plug).

        BLC Net Link out to your network router in (RJ 45). Connect BS and BLC to mains.

        Then go to the BLC web interface and make your settings, e. g. choose one of your Essences or Cores or the Moment as primary and secondary sources.

        I used to have it connected to a pair of BL 3 and a BL 11. Since my wife crashed one of the 3s and insisted on getting a BS Balance instead, I start my BS 9000 CD and join with the Balance. This is my primary speaker system now for the BS 9000. Since the PowerLink plug is still connected, I can control it via remote directly or via App or BLC (connected through a Halo).

        This answers your last question: The BLC will show up in the App. It will be displayed via picture and under the name you gave it. In my case it says „BeoSound 9000“ 😁.

        Kind regards,


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          P. S.: I guess this thread is not in the right Forum section? Should be maybe in the General Forum?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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