BS9000 CD sound goes dull

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      My BeoSound 9000 has developed an issue when playing CD’s.

      The sound will be perfect, crystal clear, then usually by the time it reaches around track 4, I will hear a slight distortion in the sound for about 2 seconds then the sound goes dull and it will stay dull. If I change CD’s the sound stays dull. If I switch it off and on again, sound still dull. If I come back the next day, it will be clear again but the same issue will happen.

      If I stream music via AUX, there is not problem, no change in sound quality. Only happens when playing CD’s. If I stop the CD and change to AUX immediately the sound is clear. Would it not be a faulty capacitor in the built in CD DAC of the 9000?

      Any tips appreciated


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