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      Having been a purchaser of B&O for many years I have finally give up

      The eclipse mk 2 bought only 6 months ago has had endless problems from the start; my local dealer in the UK has closed and B7O support is useless.

      To add insult to injury, I have recently purchased some beloab 28; they failed to operate after 30 hours and I am left with no support whatsoever

      Even he CEO doesnt reply



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        That is really sad to hear. There should be a dealer that could solve the problems for you. What are the problems with the Eclipse?


        Hi 355f,

        Really sorry to hear about that. Whereabouts in the UK are you? There are still some really good dealers here and I’m sure one of them would be willing to support you.

        The contact details for the CEO on B&O’s website probably aren’t the best point of contact for getting issues sorted, but making contact with another B&O store should give you some options to get the issues resolved.

        Alternatively, please let us know the full details of the issues that you have had with the products, we are a friendly bunch of people with quite a bit of B&O experience between us, I’m sure we can help!

        Kind regards, Steve.

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          Thank you Steve

          I have been a B&O customer for many years buying the later products

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          2 mins ago
          Dear geoff


          Thank you for your kind response.

          I purchased the Eclipse only 5 months ago from Bang and Olufsen in Cambridge.

          When purchasing it i was informed the MK2 had been developed to accept future LG panels for some considerable time- in fact four months later the MK 3 comes out, so clearly that was not correct

          I contacted  the CEO but never had a response!!

          Since day one the eclipse would show a message indicated in the enclosed picture that HDMI2 had disconnected and almost immediately another banner stating it had reconnected ; unfortunately upon doing so one looses all sound and loss of control from remote and the app states the TV is offline.

          The only way is to continue to remove the mains supply repeatedly until it operates again; increasingly now though all one gets is no picture or sound and a green flashing light on the front stand LED and a white flashing light at the back of the sound centre.

          Most of the individuals i know who bought B&O in the past have deserted the brand; I however have stayed loyal to it but these issues are something i have never encountered in other products. I sold the Avant for this after having had three video boards replaced each time taking weeks and weeks to fix.


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            Sounds like a faulty HDMI cable to me.



            Hi 355f,

            Paul Blake who ran B&O Cambridge is still based in the city, running a multi-brand AV store. You may still be able to resolve the issue with him informally.

            Depending on which side of Cambridge you are on, you may prefer to reach out to Paul Gerred at B&O Nottingham or Darren Maynard at B&O Colchester. They are both experienced B&O professionals who have access to the knowledge and support you require.

            As MM mentioned, the TV issue may be as simple as a faulty cable…

            Hope that you are able to get everything resolved and to restore your faith in the B&O brand.

            Kind regards, Steve.

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              I think it’s two faults now, the first with banner

              loosing contact i think the dsse board is the

              faulty part

              2. now then only flashing light in soundcenter

              pretty shure the powersupply in soundcenter

              have give up

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                If it’s any consolation, the messages and problems you are experiencing sound almost identical to the problems we had with our Eclipse 65″ when we bought it a few years back. It came from B&O Winchester and it took a couple of visits from their engineer but they sorted it out in the end and it has behaved perfectly for the last three years (touch wood!)

                What I’m saying is – keep try and don’t give up. Not only is the end worth it but this is a premium product so be polite but firm that you want it sorted out.

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                  I have had similar problems with an Eclipse Mk1. Under warranty, I had the internal HDMI cable replaced (the one in the impossible space between the screen and the sound bar. This seemed to work for awhile but soon started back up again to the disappointment of the Dealer.

                  I don’t know your circumstances, and what is connected to the BV, but by accident, I believe I found a cause. Our habit of traditional BVs and BSounds is to play say TV, then to flick to say CD or Video. The BV takes care of all the standby routines so only one source is active.

                  With LG app, music player can stay on all the time and I think this overworks the internal LAN receiver and causes a brief disconnect. The manifest is reduced BT control (both The BV and remote options) and a hard reboot, unplugging for 3 minutes etc is the only way it goes away for a while.

                  I have used the curser control to ensure the blue X is presses off in the LG music player app if ever used. (Because with LG, a number of sources can run concurrently). This seems to have eliminated the problem. I think this is an LG/B&O compatibility problem and something B&O should have sorted but it seems difficult to replicate somehow.

                  see if this helps?


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                    Thank you so much for this excellent reply


                    I have cut off wifi and all hard wired internet- so nothing can run in the background


                    I still have the same problem in afraid

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