BM 1700 repair revisited

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      Hi everyone, following my success with a BM4500, I decided to have another go with a project I almost finished last year. It’s a BM1700 (type 1701).

      It was dead when I had it, I needed to repair the belts, main swittch (a very fiddly job – which resulted in the tiny springs deciding to liberate themselves ! – lesson learnt, do it inside a large plastic bag !), replaced all electrolytic caps (except the three large ones – they tested to be within tolerance) and the volume/tone control PCB repaired with track repair compound, and, of course all the clutches.

      All works reasonably well, but with a few faults I’d like to try and put right.

      Firtly, when switching on the radio, it’s usually lost the previous precise setting and needs a small amount of fine tuning, the AFC doesn’t seem to make any difference.

      Secondly, for my best listening pleasure, I need to turn the bass to minimum and the treble to nearly maximum, (in the ‘flat’ setting it has hi bass/ low treble) – could this be a miss-matched capacitor ?

      And finally, I need the small connector piece, to connect the AM/LW tuning LED belt to the tuning string, as it is at the moment, the LEDs move but the tuning string does not.

      Any thoughts or hints would be useful.


      (Oh, if there’s anyone interested in a couple of old BM900Ks, see my ad.)

      2 x Beomaster 900Ks

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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