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    george a
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      Hi All


      I have just commenced restoration of a BG 4002 5721

      Problems so far

      at turn on the carriage/ slide is pushed to the off /right hand side position and the motor for the carriage keeps running…..trying to find out why…


      Issues identified so far:

      a) Lamp for carriage position (the lamp that shines through the plastic ruler) appears to be blown and intend to replace with LED—could this affect motor shutoff and be my main problem???

      b) Tone arm position lamp  blown (the one which helps register whether to move carriage lft or right while playing)  need to replace with LED and file STL file to print new housing..

      c)2  speed control lamps blown (to replace with LED)

      d) speed control panel retaining plastic broken on one side..

      I haven’t had the main motor working yet – condition unknown

      on the positive side:

      a) Transformer OK

      b) 4000uF capacitor for power supply measures at 4700uF

      c) Tone arm Solenoid Measures abt 9.1 ohms

      d) lamp on beam illuminating B&O logo working (i wonder if is new enough to be led?)



      I have not replaced any components on any pcb yet

      Can anybody possibly offer a suggestion for the carriage motor issue?


      Many thanks in Advance


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