Bg 4000 tonearm behavior

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      On an otherwise fully functional Bg 4000 5215  I am getting the following behaviors:-

      1) when pressing the ^ button the tonearm does not stay up once the ^ button is released – it just drops as if the down button had been pressed.  Same behavior on < and > buttons – is this a keypad problem or should I be looking elsewhere?

      2) from time to time the tone arm drops suddenly instead of the normal smooth drop that is expected. This is not a persistent problem.

      Any thoughts and guidance greatly appreciated.

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        Cold be a keypad problem, regarding to the SM the \/ button is normaly closed and the /\ button is normaly open.

        So as there is a bad contact at the \/ button the tonearm will only stay up as long as you push any other button.

        Cleaning the contacts is recommended, look here for further information:


        Kind regards


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          Thanks Spassmaker I will look at that.

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            Just spotted this post justin, picked up a chest infection from soewhere ;¬(

            The tone arm dropping sharply sounds like not enough dampoing, try winding the srew in very slightly…..and I would check out the down switch contact…..if its playing up the tone arm will dot stay up when ^ is pressed

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              Great Craig.  Thank you.  I hope you make a speedy recovery.

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                Fixed.  Thank you Craig and Christian.  The down switch contact terminal was oxidized and bent – after cleaning and straightening it works a charm.  Tone arm is dropping smoothly now.  Sweet sounds are emanating from the deck and its owner.  Thanks again.

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