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      I am running a 7.0.2 speaker setup in the moment, with BL50 wired as front speaker, left/right back (BL3) and left/right surround high (BL4) with WISA. the left and right sourround (BL3) wired with a B&O RJ45 splitter with one Cat7 cable from the Harmony.

      So how is the best way to connect the back speaker with cables? Cable lentgth is quite long, unfortunately no short cut to take, roughly 15m for one side, 20m for the other.

      The Harmony has four PL sockets, one is for the BL50, one for the back hight (BL4), one for back (BL3), one for the upcoming front high (BL4). the left/right surround need to run WISA.

      So I need to use a splitter as all socket are taken

      First idea is to use two Cat7 cable to , than the B&o RJ45 splitter, than RJ45 to DIN Powerlink cable. Or as alternative, go for the long distance with a Rj45 to Powerlink DIN, use a Y cable with DIN Powerlink.

      What is the better option as a heard mixed views on the RJ45 splitter?

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        I’ve just done a similar installation with 2 pairs of BL3 as front/surround height speakers.

        2x15m flat CAT7 LAN cable,

        1x5m CAT7 cable,

        a CAT7 female coupler,

        2x Bang & Olufsen Powerlink RJ45 Splitter (3132047),

        4x RJ45 to DIN MK2 powerlink cables (2m)

        all work fine

        i found buying cheap RJ45 splitters from Amazon did not work at all. Needs to be the B&O flavour at £25 a pop!




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