BeoVox S80: which glue for mid-tone driver repair?

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      I am working on a pair of BeoVox S80 loudspeakers. They are fine, but have just one issue: the midtown driver is not producing sound.

      I already did some research and found a video by Texasound about this. One of the causes he describes is that the voice coil has come loose from the rubber dome. I checked that, and found it is also my issue.

      In the process of repairing the mid-tone driver, I am almost done. The voice coil has been re-attached to the dome with epoxy glue. Now I have to glue the dome back to the driver.

      Originally B&O glued the dome just on one point to the metal ring of the driver. This is on the side where the leads come out and where B&O attached a small strip of tape to the metal ring of the driver. (See picture) So in fact, the dome glues to this piece of tape. I also noticed that B&O’s original glue is still sticky, so it probably doesn’t completely dry up.

      This final stage, raises 2 questions.

      1. What type of glue is best to use for glueing the dome to the tape on the metal ring of the mid-tone driver?
      2. How can I best make sure that while glue-ing, the dome is centered, so the voice coil does not scratch the sides?


      BeoVox S80 (1) - Mid Tone Coil Copper Wires Ends


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        If you got no luck with glueing the speaker search the net for

        “Scan-Speak Discovery D7608/920000”

        This is the right replacement and you can buy it new.

        Had similar issue but with burned voicecoil, no repair possible.

        Kind regards


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          Thanks very much for this suggestion Christian. Very helpful to know!

          At the moment, I am quite sure I will be able to get the mid-tone driver alive and well again. So I will proceed to find the appropriate glue for attaching the dome back to the tape on the metal ring of the mid-tone driver.

          If you have an advice about the right type of glue, I am open to hear.

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            Surely the ScanSpeak mentioned is the replacement for the later midrange unit with the black dome? The picture above is the earlier unit with the clear dome, which is not the same.

            As an aside, is the ScanSpeak an exact replacement for the later unit? I’m tempted if so as I have another noisy midrange driver on my MS150.2s.

            To the OP – for glue I would just use standard PVA. It allows for easy positioning and will hold the dome in place fine when it sets.

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