Beovox Redline speaker stands

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      I’m like so many out there looking for a set of Redline speaker stands. They are almost impossible to find in western US. ( Utah ) It seems that full speakers and stands are cheaper than just the stands. I don’t need anymore speakers so just want some stands. Anyone have any leads on a pair ? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I know it’s  a long shot, but hey it’s worth a shot . Thank You in advance.

      Stephen ( Graydon )

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        It might help to state which model of RL speakers you want them for as there were at least two different sizes of stand.

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          The stands I’m looking for are for the RL 60.2. Sorry I didn’t say which speaker they were for. Even if they need repair I’d be happy.

          Thanks for catching that.

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            I found this stands in Germany for you. Maybe the seller send it to you. But be aware the cost are very high.



            good luck 🙂

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              Thanks for the the tip, I’ll check it out.


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