Beovox CX100 replacement

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      Hi all,

      My CX100 speakers (coupled with a Beocenter 8000) are starting to fail after some 25 years of service, haven’t dared to open them up but the woofers can no longer deal with lower tones so very likely the issue is with the woofer membranes, so I’m looking for a worthy replacement.

      • It seems B&O doesn’t have a range of passive, wall mounted speakers anymore; a pair of Beosound Levels would probably come closest in terms of size / looks / specs, but may be a hassle because they require USB charging unless I’m overlooking something? The fact they’re active rather than passive should be easy to overcome, the Beocenter should have an un-amplified output that I could plug the existing wires in, rather than the amplified output which currently powers the Beovox’s
      • Palatials are not an option because they would require being built into the wall
      • Beolab 18’s would be less ideal as they require extending the current wires all the way from the ceiling to the floor + they seem to be aimed at smaller rooms (up to 300 ft²; room in question is around 450 ft², rectangular)

      Anyone else who has had to look for a Beovox replacement, and any suggestions / guidance that you could share for inspiration? 🙂

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        Hi and welcome to Beoworld.

        First of all, replacing the woofer surrounds on the CX100 is not that difficult if you’re a little bit handy or careful. If you’re good with you’re current setup, that would be the better option. The process is very well documented all around the internet, cheap, and kits come ith all you need to do it right.

        If you don’t want to do this I’d look at the second hand market for old or less older Beovox: CX range (but be sure to check the surrounds and listen to the speakers) or depending on your tastes, RL, Pentas… On some models same checks apply than for the CX.

        Unless you like the look of them, I don’t find BL18 (that I love) will look nice next to a BC8000, less than 8000 if you really want columns. Using standalone systems like levels, Balance or similar is to me, a waste and as you said, not a really convenient solution unless you reaaly want to use the wireless connection as main source.

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          Thank you for the welcome and the response!

          I did see those woofer repair kits before posting here – illogically enough, I’d feel worse potentially messing up the repair than having to stop using the CX100’s, but it sounds like my best bet is to give it a try in any case.

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            I just finished reforming a pair and the result is stunning!

            now my wife will not me sell them because she just loves the sound..

            The refoaming was actually fun to do.

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              I agree with Matador and Hugosnel, a repair is not difficult – I have done a few and it has always been a succes. I don’t know where you are located but in Denmark it is easy to either buy a refoaming kit or you can have many shops/dealers to do it.


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