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      I have a beautiful pair of BV 5000s and I’m having a hard time finding the amps for them. I currently have a Beomaster 4500 with a Focal sub. I want to know if anyone has an opinion or experience putting a dedicated amp in between the receiver and the 5000s? I was thinking that I could send the speaker A outs into an amp and then  power the 5000s while the speaker B outs run my powered sub.

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        Following post has been edited by moderator to remove spam link, and the user (possibly AI) has been blocked.  Post has been left because it does add value to thread!


        Integrating a dedicated amplifier with your BeoVox 5000 speakers can potentially enhance the audio experience, especially if you’re seeking more power or a different sound quality than your current Beomaster 4500 provides. The BeoVox 5000 speakers are known for their quality and can benefit from a dedicated amp to drive them.

        When connecting a dedicated amp, you would typically run the pre-out (speaker A outs) from your receiver into the amp, then connect the amp to your speakers. This setup allows you to use the receiver as a preamp and control center, while the dedicated amp provides the power to the speakers. Your idea of running the speaker B outs to power your subwoofer is also a common practice, as it allows for independent control of the subwoofer level.

        However, it’s crucial to ensure that the dedicated amp you choose is compatible with your speakers in terms of power handling and impedance. Also, consider the quality of the amp to match the high standards of your BeoVox 5000s.

        I hope the information may helps you.



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          thank you I for this info.I was fortunate to find a seller with a pair of BL 4500. I put the amps on my 5000’s and am using the 4500 speakers in passive mode in another room. I’m all set up.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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