BeoVison 7-40 sudden death of the display

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    For now 10 years our BeoVision 7-40 worked fine. A few weeks ago during a television broadcast the display went dark and since then the TV itself is dead. The other equipment like the overture and beogram work fine despite the failure. I gave the BeoVision to the B&O dealer for repairing. They changed a lot of modules but without succsess.

    It seems that the backlight could be the broken part and therefore the TV is a total loss. That is the statement of the B&O dealer!

    Could this be true? Does anybody know how to rapair the TV or where do I have to look for the failure?

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    What a pity.

    You don’t state which version of the BV7-40 you have – and also not where you are located.


    In my experience it is not worth it to bother about repairing these old tv’s.

    There are plenty of preused BV7-40’s out there at a very low price.

    Swapping out the tv should be fairly easy.

    Tip! If you buy it from a dealer, he should be able to upload the PUC codes, that you’d need.


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