BeoVison 7-40 MK 6 – interesting fault

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    Hello forum,

    after I repaired my 10 year old BV7-40 MK 6 I bought another BV7-40 MK 6 with a defect. The fault on this BV7 is a little bit strange.

    When I switch on the BV7-40 with the choise of DTV (DVB-HD board is installed) all works fine. There is a brillant picture and sound and I can also read the complete menu when pressed the menu button on the remote control. But…

    when I choose TV or DVD or any other AV input I get the following picture:


    Below the text there are stribes (noise). It last a long, long time (30 minutes until 1 hour) until the picture is noiseless. Back to DTV all is fine. Back to e.g. TV the picture is as shown.

    I don’t know where to search for the failure. It looks like a thermal problem but where?

    Any suggestions?

    Regards Michael

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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