Beovision Harmony display change

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      Hello everyone,

      I was thinking about a Harmony 77 and four Beolab 28s in my living room. I wanted to have a newer display, but B&O technical support told me that I cannot change the display.

      Did B&O not promise that changes were possible? I would have liked a G1 or G2, but this seems to be impossible.

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        I did change the display in the past (as I moved form a 65″ c9 to a 77″ CX). Challenge in the beginning was the software on the display which B&O had not adapted to the neweer WebOS. So that might be an issue on top that there might be new mounting plates.

        but might only a question of time as B&O has to move on as supply of old generation display got out of stock.

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          If you order a Harmony now, it should be with a LG G1,

          The dealers order the display from LG, and LG do not have the old displays in stock.

          This also means that B&O needs to adapt the spearker fronts to the new G2, as it is not as wide.

          Lets see how fast this transistion is going.



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            I ordered a 77″ last week and it will be delivered with the G2 panel.

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