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      I have a Beovision Avant 55 LCD Mk1 (I think it is a MK1) which seems to have a broken LCD panel according to the B&O dealer. They cannot repair since these LCD panels are no longer available.

      Now, I am stuck since I do not want to buy a new TV just because the LCD panel is broken. I am not even sure this is true… How do I know? There is no picture, but everything else is working (sound, tv channel etc).

      Does anybody know what type of LCD panel this is and whether I could find a replacement panel somewhere?


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        If the panel still works for a short time, in the service menu there is an option to see the model of the panel installed. Otherwise, you will have to open the TV and search for the sticker showing the model number on the back of the panel. It will have a Samsung logo on it.

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          the lcd panel for avant 55 mk1 still can be ordered..(at least 3week ago) so your dealer are wrong…but what is the problem with the picture? And for information you cannot find a samsung panel that fits avant from another samsung tv because this panels are made for b&o by samsung and are not used in samsungs own tvs

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            That is true. Only the abslutely technical 100% perfect panels are reserved for B&O. Even if it would fit of working the quality would be nog good enough.

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              Well… the problem is that there is no picture at all! The panel seems to have died for whatever reason. The dealer does not provide any technical detail as to what is wrong; just ‘panel defect’ and ‘cannot be replaced’. So, normally, when you switch on the TV, you see the ‘Bang and Olufsen’ logo appear on the screen. This is also gone. The TV does produce sound, so the channel is chosen and can be changed, but no picture. Just black.

              Can you maybe share information on how I would be able to buy such a Samsung panel or where?

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                Ok, can be backlight problem and need new lcd panel if so maybe,

                lcd model samsung LTA550FJ01

                but a b&oworkshop need to order and repair

                Contact customersupport for nearest b&o workshop

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                  Thanks for the information! I will contact B&O and/or dealer.

                  This is very helpful!

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