Beovision Avant 32 RF 240p?

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      Ok, so I mainly use my Avant for laserdisc, dvd & Netflix via Xbox 360 (RGB), I know it is 100hz and you barely see any scanlines because of this afaik it also doesn’t do 240p (no documentation about that, can be found).
      I never bothered to hook up any old consoles to it, because I have a few MX series for that. So last week after a chat with a guy who couldn’t get something to work on his set, I decided to experiment a bit by hooking up a few consoles that do 240p to it.

      So I hook up a PS1, Saturn & Mega Drive (those all do 240p natively) via RGB, and suddenly I get this super stable image with scanlines & no flicker, next I hook up an OG Xbox (only does 480i): no scanlines.

      Could it be possible the Avant can switch to 240p if it detects that, without it being documented anywhere? Or is it just some of its digital processing at work here, to create that illusion? I’m just curious at this point…

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