Beovision 83″ Launch

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      Not a big surprise, hopefully they will also add the 97″ later this year.


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        83 incher – £50k.

        They’ll be sell’em by the truck load. Buy your B&O shares now before the market sees the upside in P/E ratio and they become too expensive.

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          It is 20K £ but okay….

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            Lame excuse but when I looked at the B&O webpage, there were 2 83″ entries and the one I picked was £48,840.

            That page is now showing 88″ rather than 83″


            Regardless, two new products in this economic climate for a flagship TV at £20k and 50k respectively still screams that they wont be able to build them and ship them fast enough for queues wrapping around the block to get their order in with the AD. I fear a riot if people cant get this bargin.

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              So just looking at the available detail.

              1. The 88″ is 2 x 6cm than the 83″. Slightly wider soundbar frame and grille each side.
              2. Internals on the 88″ and 83″ are probably the same,
              3. The Lift is the same
              4. 83″ G-panel retails in the order of £7k (4k panel)
              5. 88″ Z-panel to retail in the order of £25k (8k panel)
              6. That puts the Soundbar/Lift combo at £24k and £14k for 88 and 83″ respectively.
              7. £10k is a hell of an additional premium (on a premium) for an extra 12cm of soundbar/grille??

              Please explain if I am wrong here? Also, who or what does 8K media at the moment? Im a little behind the times.

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                1. Yes and that makes the cover a bit more expensive (But cannot be much)
                2. No they are not a better chip is needed, but yes the 88″ from LG is very overpriced.
                3. Yes it is the same
                4. Yes
                5. And Yes but the Z2 will be a bit cheaper (But not now so correct)
                6. yep
                7. So it is because of different thing, so this is a explanation not that I don’t think it is overpriced. The cover a a bit more expense, and the configuration on the 88″ is shown with a motorstand this is 1,5K of the price. And then there is the thing, that the 88″ Z1 are not made for wall mount. So B&O have gone in great length to make this possible with extra tooling and cover, this is not free. And these cost have to be divide on very few units.

                8K is not going to happen soon, and with the new 83″ Harmony my Guess is that they are not really going to sell the 88″. Hopefully later this year they will come with a 97″ also.

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                  “So it is because of different thing, so this is a explanation not that I don’t think it is overpriced.”

                  Really. OK. I’ll move on and leave you with that thought.

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